General information

The Hermann Wesselink College is a comprehensive secondary school with a Christian identity in Amstelveen, a town with a population of around 80,000 located just south of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With a team of 140 teachers and a support team we provide education for around 1600 students aged between 12 to 18. The three tracks of education that we offer are:

  • a four-year theoretical pre-vocational programme for secondary education (VMBO-T)
  • a five-year general secondary education programme (HAVO)
  • a six-year pre-university education programme (VWO) VWO at our school consists of a Gymnasium stream (Latin and Greek are compulsory), an Atheneum stream (no Latin or Greek) and an English-Dutch bilingual stream (TTO).

Each of the above-mentioned programmes is rounded off at the end of the final year with both school and national exams.

Our Motto

Our school’s motto translates as "A school where all are equal though none the same". This expresses the importance we attach to treating all of our students' with the respect they deserve, taking into consideration the students’ different interests and talents.


We offer all students a good and varied education within the clear structure and organisation of our school. Not only do we aim to pass on knowledge to our students, but we also help them become well-adapted people who can think and act independently. Our curriculum has a number of special features which help us achieve our aims:

  • We have a strong bilingual department of 350 students and we are very proud of the bilingual certificate we received from the European Platform in November 2009, which means that we are now a fully certified bilingual school. In the first three years our students take more than 50% of their subjects in English. These are biology, history, geography, mathematics, science, economics, music, drama, art and design, art and crafts and PE. They round off year 3 by taking the Anglia exam (proficiency or master level).
    From year 4 onwards the students are prepared for the Dutch national pre-university entrance exams but on top of this they are also offered the opportunity of continuing with a limited bilingual program (history or chemistry, social studies, science for public understanding and PE). They can round of their bilingual education by doing the IB program for English Higher Level A2 exams.
  • We have a flourishing Gymnasium department and we offer many different examination subjects for our students to choose from.
  • In providing a basis for our Christian identity, we offer an understanding of the religions of the worlds through our religious education programme.
  • Our extensive arts programme offers students a means of expression in a broad variety of creative ways.
  • We are proud of the many exchange programmes we have with different schools from abroad. We also offer projects on citizenship, workshops and (international) job orientation. We feel that it is important to bring together young people from all over the world to contribute to more international discussion and mutual understanding between different cultures.
  • In addition to this we are also nationally recognized as a school with special interest in and attention for science, which becomes clear from our well-equipped and modern science labs.

Our Mission Statement

The HWC aims to be a school where students are offered opportunities to gain knowledge, and develop skills and critical awareness. We want them to be able to act independently and responsibly and to take other people’s interests into account. At our school everyone who is part of the school community should know that they are in a safe environment in which education, supervision and other activities match the different talents of our students and staff. Our inspiration and values are rooted primarily in the Christian tradition.