Day 1

I woke up at 4 am and I got dressed. I went downstairs and had some breakfast and then went upstairs again to brushed my teeth and combed my hair. Then I went to school. When I arrived there were already lots of people by the bus, I walked around the crowd to look for my friends and found Bilyana quickly then I found Anna and Waniah was a bit later. We went into the bus where I sat next to Juul. I slept and read most of the busride. When we arrived at the coast we went on the boat with no problem. We arrived at the UK and we went to the Motel. My friends and I settled in and called it a day.

Day 2

We were woken up by me because I had put an alarm for 7 AM put because I hadn’t set my watch to the time in England. But I realized my mistake and we went back to sleep. At actually 7 AM we were woke up by mr vreeburg ad we all stood up. We got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. We had a small break and the we went downstairs and went into the bus. We were dropped of at a cricket club where we learned cricket. After we did that we went to a zoo, and the animals were beautiful. We saw lots of animals but sadly not all animals showed their faces. At 16:00 we went back to the motel and we had a 4 hour break. In those 4 hours we thought about things to do for Bonte avond and we had a decent idea. Bonte avond was fun and miss Fliers had an amazing performance.

Day 3

We were rudely woken up by mr vreeburg and I almost flew out of bed. We had breakfast pretty late so we had some time to kill and started tiding our room for tomorrow since we would leave then. We had breakfast and immediately left for a castle. Mr vreeburg was promoted for tourguide and he explained tons of things about the stones. After that we could explore the castle we didn’t have lots of time so we didn’t see the whole castle very good. Then we left for the city center. We had to interview people which didn’t really go well for me but I managed to speak to about 3 people. I bought a book for 2 pounds which was really cheap but I wasn’t going to complain. We went to a church where we had he even song and it was beautiful. Then we went back and my friends and I prepared all of our stuff for the next day.

Day 4

We were woken up, had breakfast and we had a break for 2 hours. Bilyana kept complaining for not going earlier because we were all ready to go. We finally went at 10 or 11 and I sat alone behind Bilyana and Julia. I dint do much I just slept and on the boat I did the same. In France I read and played some games on my phone for a few hours. We stopped at a McDonald for some food because all the kids in the back were complaining. Then we were back on the road and we arrived at school again. This journey was amazing and im glad I was given the opportunity to get to go on it

Written by Solene Cortvrint 2A

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